Maggie’s Musings: LMA Conference Recap

The annual LMA conference, held in San Diego, was a great success! I was so pleased to have moderated a panel of three CMOs from San Diego Companies, where we discussed “Looking Outside Our Industry: A Playground for New Insights and Creative Solutions” We had a lively conversation and a full crowd.


Our speakers were Steve Jennings, SVP & Chief External Affairs Officer of Rady Children’s Hospital; Anne Buckley, APR, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer for UC San Diego; and Ken Derrett, former SVP/CMO for the San Diego and LA Chargers, and consultant for Ken Derrett & Associates.


Some of our key takeaways include:


  1. CMOs and their departments are still challenged to do more with less but now have tools to help deliver it more expeditiously.


  1. AI is being used more frequently (and carefully)in marketing and communications departments to increase efficiencies.


  1. There is an increased focus on leveraging real-time data and analytics to make marketing decisions. Consistently review and embrace the information, amplify what’s working, and pivot when necessary.


  1. Communications has seen a generational shift impacting how and when to communicate. Segmentation is necessary to address each group of stakeholders, and compassion is key.


  1. The digital media ecosystem is increasingly transforming communications strategies.


  1. Customer feedback continues to be a priority at all companies. It is imperative to audit, assess, and continually find ways to improve the customer experience.


  1. Reengineer the customer experience to bring technology and people together in a more humanistic manner.


  1. As customer expectations are changing, a focus on a company’s values and reputation must be considered in all marketing and communications efforts.


  1. Maintaining a long-term and short-term marketing strategy that is clear and aligned with the company’s objectives is imperative to demonstrating value and driving revenue.
  1. Investing in your own people is as important as investing in clients/customers. Create a positive employer brand to retain top talent.

Thank you, LMA, for allowing me to moderate this wonderful session!

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