Maggie's Musings

87% of corporate counsel tell us that trust in outside counsel’s approach and communication equals the best cost control.”

 This insight underscores a crucial aspect of the client-attorney relationship: while the quality of legal work is undeniably important, it’s the approach and communication that often make the most significant difference in cost management.

This trust extends beyond the technical excellence of the legal work performed. It encompasses the confidence clients have in their attorneys’ methods, strategies, and their transparency throughout the process. Clients want to know that their attorneys are not only competent , but also that they are working efficiently and effectively, providing excellent value for the services rendered.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of visiting hundreds of clients to evaluate the quality of service provided by various lawyers and law firms. Through these evaluations, it has become clear that clients prioritize these factors: a proactive approach, clear and consistent communication, and a genuine partnership mentality. They seek attorneys who are not just legal experts but also strategic advisors who understand their business needs and constraints.

Excellent communication involves keeping clients informed about case/project developments, being transparent about billing, and setting realistic expectations. It’s about building a relationship where clients feel heard, understood, and valued. When clients trust that their outside counsel is genuinely invested in their success and is managing resources wisely, it significantly enhances their perception of value and satisfaction.

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